NetStat Agent 3.3.3

NetStat Agent 3.3.3 has been released. In this version there was fixed the critical bug with application crash on start. The issue was fixed in the DNS cache module. Also was fixed the bug with Ctrl+C shortcut (Ping, Tracert, Whois didn’t copy any text into clipboard). The UA whois server is updated.

From now the program contains CrashRpt module that allows us to get crash information from you and quickly fix critical bugs.

Added Privacy Policy for NetStat Agent.

IPv6 Support For Netstat

The last time frequently question was regarding IPv6 support for NetStat Agent. And we have good news for everyone who waits IPv6 support in the program - it will be done soon!

Somedays ago we have started to implement this feature for netstat utility.  So at the nearest time will be released NetStat Agent 3.3 with IPv6 connection monitoring. Other tools (statistics, ping, tracert, whois, etc.) will support IPv6 from 3.4 version and high.

Stay tuned for future news and first screenshots!

The lite version of NetStat Agent

Starting today we are busy with development of a new lite netstat utility.

Since we are raised the price per NetStat Agent unit, some users are not ready to pay such a sum for a visual netstat tool. They do not need ping, whois or other network utilities. Special for them will be created a lightweight software for monitoring TCP/IP connections only.

We are planning to add all implemented features of netstat tool of NetStat Agent to the lite version.

Localization, whois and price

The user interface of NetStat Agent 3.2 supports French and Brazilian Portuguese languages (thanks a lot to Milton for localization!). And this is not end.  German and Spanish languages will be available soon.

We also fixed the Whois server address for .NZ domain zone (special thanks to Paul for found issue and solution).

And today… The price per NetStat Agent unit was increased to 34.95 USD.

NetStat Agent 3.1

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new stable NetStat Agent version. In the version 3.1 we are focused on fixing bugs, but some new features are also added.

So what’s new in NetStat Agent 3.1:

- IP-to-country database is updated.
- Fixed critical bug when network adapter has more than 1 ip addresses or gateways.
- NetStat monitor in 3.1 can runs scripts like bat-files, not only exe-files as it was in previous version.
- A couple of small bugs are solved in graphical user interface.
- Fixed the bug with auto scrolling text in DNS Query, Ping, Tracer and Whois tools (short hostname issue).
- Fixed a bug with manifest file in Vista\Windows 7. Now the application looks more native.
- Solved the issue with UDP connections in Windows 7.
- Fixed the problem with copy\paste (only one character could be copied).

If you use Windows 7 or Vista, please note that some features (close connection, change a MAC address, etc.) cannot work without administrative privileges. So you must run NetStat Agent as an Administrator:

Right Click the Application shortcut -> Properties -> Compatibility and check “Run this program as an Administrator”