How to get a free license?

Updated: since the beginning of 2012 campaign is no longer valid!

You like NetStat Agent, but it is too expensive for you? There is a good chance for you to save your money and get a FREE license of NetStat Agent.

  1. Just write an article in your blog or it can be published in our blog.
  2. Send us your success story with example of how to use NetStat Agent. You can tell people how you use it or your trick, anything about the product!
  3. You may write an article about TCP/IP troubleshooting and network security for our blog.

Please, note that your article or success story must be more than 200 words (a little bit more than the size of this article) with link to our site.

Send links or articles to info(at)flexbyte[dot]com and you will get a free license key as a reward.