What is my IP address?

Sometimes it is useful to know your external IP address. For example, when you share HTTP/FTP server and you do not know or forgot your IP address. In this case, if you use NetStat Agent 3.0 every time, it will be very easy for you! Because you do not need to open the Internet browser and search for a special service.

What is my IP address?

To find your IP address you must open IPConfig tool and press External IP button. After a few seconds you will see your external IP address. You may copy it to a clipboard (the right mouse click).

What does event column mean?


“I have logged NetStat acitivity for a couple of days. I am analyzing the log now. I cannot find a definition of what can be recorded in the Event Column. What exactly does changed mean? What exactly does new mean? What exactly does removed mean?”


Event Columns means a log record status, for example:
1) You click on file in your browser and the browser opens a TCP connection to download file.
2) At this moment NetStat Agent (NA) found that your browser opened a new connection, so because it is a new connection, NA sets a record status as “New”.
3) But when your browser downloaded a file, it closes the opened connection and at this moment NA writes to log file that connection is closed and sets a record status as “Removed”.

A record status “Changed” means that connection state (see column “Status” in NetStat window) is changed, for example:
1) Let assume you run Skype and connected to Skype server.
2) In this case NA will find a TCP connection with status - “ESTABLISHED”.
3) Then you decide to close Skype (disconnect).
4) It means that your PC (Skype application) will send a FIN packet (a TCP signal to close connection) to a remote host (Skype server).
5) For your PC it means a changing connection status from ESTABLISHED to FIN_WAIT1.
6) So when NetStat Agent detects connection status changes it writes to log file what connection is changed and sets a record status as “Changed” to event column.