Localization, whois and price

The user interface of NetStat Agent 3.2 supports French and Brazilian Portuguese languages (thanks a lot to Milton for localization!). And this is not end.  German and Spanish languages will be available soon.

We also fixed the Whois server address for .NZ domain zone (special thanks to Paul for found issue and solution).

And today… The price per NetStat Agent unit was increased to 34.95 USD.

What will be new in NetStat Agent 3.2?

At the middle of February will be released a new version of NetStat Agent.

In this version will be improved only netstat tool. We plan to add a filter for a quick search as we already have in Handy Uninstaller software.

Also we plan to increase the price per NetStat Agent unit with new version release. So you have a good chance to by per life license for only 29.95 USD!