NetStat Agent Portable 3.1.1

We are pleased to announce the portable version of NetStat Agent 3.1.1. It has the same features as described in “NetStat Agent 3.1.1” topic, but also we added missed parameters for netstat monitor (see Run batch scripts with NetStat Agent):

%COUNTRY% -  shows a country (only for TCP non-local connections)
%CCODE% - a country ISO code like RU, EU, etc.

Enjoy the new portable version!

Run batch scripts with NetStat Agent

In NetStat Agent 3.1 we added an ability to run batch scripts (in previous versions only executable files could be run). And because a launched third party program can show a window, we added new properties to user interface: program parameters (such as process name, remote ip, etc.) and an option to show\hide a program window.

On current moment the program supports the following parameters:

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NetStat Agent 3.1.1

We are happy to announce a new release of NetStat Agent 3.1.1. This minor version has the following enhancements and bug-fixes:

- Fixed the problem with running a program with parameters (netstat monitor).
- Improved CPU performance when running a program (netstat monitor).
- A window of program invoked by netstat monitor can be hidden. This can be useful if you run batch scripts.

A portable version will be released soon.