[FAQ] How to clear the TraceRoute history?

Each time when you query the route in the TraceRoute tool, NetStat Agent saves the request to cache. But if you want to clear this cache or remove a record from this cache, then you must open the RegEdit and find the path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Flexbyte\NetStat Agent\Tracer

In this folder, you may find records Recent.0, Recent.1 and so on. You may delete all records or only one.

The same you may do to clear the Ping history, but in Ping folder.

  • June 7th, 2009
  • flexbyte
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History overview

The first version of NetStat Agent was released in Jule, 2004.
In version 1.0 netstat, ipconfig, ping and tracert tools was implemented. The program could show the IP routing table and the ARP cache.

NetStat Agent 1.0

In November, some new features like shortcuts customization and ability to show or hide the main toolbar was added.

Since NetStat Agent 1.2 was released (it was in March, 2005), the program closed established connections, renewed or released DHCP configuration. Also was implemented ARP and IP route tools to edit ARP and IP routing tables.

Version 1.3 was released in August, 2005. The new feature of showing the owning process was added. New actions like terminate the process were implemented.

The next version 1.4 had the improved stability and new features like persistent routes, process information, and version checker. It was in March, 2006.

In May, a lot of bugs were solved and NetStat Agent 1.5 was released.

Since version 1.6 was released in September 2006, the program allows to show a country by the remote IP address for netstat, ping and tracert.

NetStat Agent 1.7 was released in November 2006. The country database was updated and some changes in GUI were added.

Unfortunately, the graphical user interface of NetStat Agent was not perfect. Some information was hard readable. So we decided to rewrite the program. The first beta version was implemented in April, 2008. And the major release was done in June 9, 2008.

Now NetStat Agent 2.0 has more handy and easy-to-use graphical user interface. It has new tools like Whois and HTTP Checker. Connection monitor has a lot of new powerful features. In the previous version only one action per monitor rule was available. Now you can select more than one action. The program allows to monitor ARP cache.

  • July 9th, 2008
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