Become A Power Administrator With NetStat Agent 2.0

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Become A Power Administrator With NetStat Agent 2.0

More information on open active connections would expand your ability to safeguard and properly maintain your PC and network. Unfortunately the default utilities provided in Windows are useless for any real-life application. To be able to manage and control processes going on in your PC, you need more technical information about applications and network connections than is provided. What you need is to organize the interaction between several utilities already available and obtain real-time reporting of suspicious activities on your network.

NetStat Agent 2.0 is a powerful integrated replacement for console-based network utilities like NetStat, IPConfig, Ping, TraceRoute, Route, and ARP. In a single window, it provides comprehensive information on active connections, displaying the data in an intuitive graphical format with two methods for managing active connections; manually with a click of the mouse, or automatically.

Several major reports are available through NetStat Agent 2.0. Connection details include information on the remote host - its resolved network name, geographical location, owning entity, administrative details, server uptime and last response time. Ping checks and reports whether the host is available. TraceRoute lets you know how many hops are between your computer and the remote host. The Local Network Environment report includes MAC, DNS servers and IP addresses used by your local computer, DHCP server address and adapter type, the process that initiated the connection, as well as its folder and DLL modules being used. This dossier is saved in log files which can be analyzed and managed with the powerful built-in log manager.

All numeric data provided in the application is also presented in an intuitive world-map, bar and chart format. It graphs the packet round trip time while showing the country of the hop for Ping and TraceRoute utilities. It also highlights problem hops, marks old and new connections with special colors and allows you to remove unimportant connections from the display. Selected information of interest can be compiled in a vivid HTML-formatted report.

With just a click of the mouse, you can close an unwanted connection or terminate a suspicious process. You can also configure special rules and have the program close unwanted connections, terminate certain processes, play sound alerts or run third party software automatically. NetStat Agent 2.0 does it all, giving you more control and allowing you to become a power administrator while safeguarding your PC and network.


System Requirements, Pricing and Availability

NetStat Agent 2.0 runs under any modern version of Windows and requires at least 64MB of RAM and 600 MB of room on hard drive. The program can be downloaded directly from It is distributed as shareware; and the full version can be purchased at $35.00.

About Flexbyte Software

Flexbyte Software is a young company engaged in the development of shareware and freeware programs for system administrators, software developers and advanced users. The company’s areas of interest include network and system monitoring, developer tools and multimedia applications.


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  • September 6th, 2008
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