NetStat Agent in Action

Hey all. Imagine “seeing” what you’re connected to on the internet. I found a great IP Monitoring software developed by Flexbyte Software called Netstat Agent that does just that. Here is the link –>

I have always been wondering what is going on with my internet connection. Is someone or something connected to my computer without my consent? I’ve used other programs to monitor my IP activity over the years and Netstat is thus far the most efficient and effective software I have used. This program does everything that other companies feature but without installing tons of other useless software. The guys at Flexbyte, to me, had this in mind when developing this software: “gotcha!”

Just to give you an idea of how amazing this software is. I open up my browser and see activity on my connections happening live…in real time, in the NetStat Agent window! You then right click on any of the connetions and click on the ‘Who Is’ link. I get all the vital information available of that ip address. To do the same thing manually, isn’t so easy and requires a bit of uncommon knowledge of internet connectivity and time to research. You can kick connections off your computer and see who they are right before you do.

I do Live Math Tutoring Online. I use this to keep track of students logged in. Also, I use a virtual classroom network at home where students are logged into me. This program has been the answer to my prayers. I have always wanted to “see” if they’re paying attention or “surfing” the web. “Gotcha!”

In addition. on a local network, it shows if there’s activity from other computers; meaning, this software reveals activity on other computers on the network
which can be an indication that other computers are “infected” or have an invisible user. Awesome.

I will continue using Flexbyte’s Netstat for the rest of my teaching career. This has been thus far, the most effective internet tool.

P.S.: This great article is written by Mr. V.  Now he is the happy owner of NetStat Agent.

  • April 22nd, 2009
  • flexbyte
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