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Interface Overview

The main window of NetStat Agent after launching it.


The main menu consists the following commands:


  • Save Report - saves the report of selected tool to file.
  • Exit - closes the application.


  • NetStat - shows all active TCP and UDP connections.
  • Statistics - displays network and TCP/IP statistics.
  • IPConfig - shows network, adapters and interfaces configuration.
  • ARP - monitors entries in the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache.
  • Routes - displays routes in the IP routing table on your computer.
  • Ping - helps to test whether a remote host is reachable across an IP network.
  • TraceRoute - determines the route between your computer and the remote host.
  • Whois - retrieves all the available information about an IP address or domain.
  • HTTP Checker - monitors web sites to test whether an URL is reachable across the Internet.
  • Windows Tools - access to windows tools like regedit, command prompt, etc.


  • Refresh - refreshes the information of selected tool.
  • Topmost Window - makes the program to be always on top.
  • Options - displays the program options.


  • Contents - opens the help file for current tool.
  • Support - opens our web-site for support information.
  • Check updates now - checks program updates.
  • About - displays program information, version number and copyright.