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Netstat Agent is the answer to Windows network administrators’ demands for an integrated management tool. UNIX administrators have long enjoyed command line tools such as ping, arp, traceroute and many more, but Windows network administrators have long been left in the doldrums. With increasing network complexity comes a need to simplify network management to make administrators time and input much more effective.

Netstat Agent empowers Windows administrators to be able to deliver greater value added, higher network performance and greater user utility with enhanced security. Network monitoring is unified; network management tools are made available within a single environment which avoids the need to switch between tracert, netstat and a ping command line tool. Whois functionality is also built-in to allow for fast domain information retrieval and availability to be effected without the need for third-party registrar information resources being invoked.

Netstat Agent provides an integrated console powered by a simple-to-use GUI (graphical user interface) providing a macro view and the ability to target in on network activity at a highly granular level. With network complexity increasing amidst a patchwork of additions and upgrades, the management tools to effectively control and monitor modern IP networks is disparate and provides a poor Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of administrator time. In addition, even where networks are relatively homogenous, there are still major issues in providing an integrated management solution which improves the effectiveness of network management teams.

Ineffective network management leads to degradation in performance and user experience which is reflected in business productivity levels. Network threats are less easily identified and where security issues arise, it takes longer for network administrators to target the cause and implement suitable takedown measures. Less is done with more as complicated network components fail to work in a cohesive fashion.

Network effectiveness is more important than ever, despite the degradation in network cohesiveness with a patchwork, ad hoc infrastructure. More data is being stored on the LAN and WAN traffic is increasing at exponential pace, though bandwidth limitations are constraining the ability of companies to perform at their best. Netstat provides the ability to monitor and control data and application behavior on the network from hard drive through to terminal endpoint. Suspicious application activity is more easily flagged with Netstat Agent, but more importantly bottlenecks and network logjams are more readily identified.

As bandwidth heavy applications, such as video conferencing and Unified Communication solutions become the norm with more and more access going mobile, it becomes ever more imperative for network administrators to be able to wield absolute control simply and effectively.

Netstat Agent Features

Monitoring internet connections, including UDP and TCP/IP connections is straightforward and easy utilizing Netstat Agents integrated toolset which includes:

  • Netstat provides information on all active UDP and TCP/IP connections, including IP and geographical information;

  • Ipconfig – provides clear information on network configuration including adapters and interface configuration. Renew DHCP configuration or modify/abandon IP addresses;

  • Ping – an excellent TCP/IP analyzer for testing remote IP hosts and local client network configuration;

  • TraceRoute – establishes the path between remote host and local computer client with enhanced ability to show route hops (including geographical position) and response times;

  • DNS/NSLookup – provides complete server information including full IP address, MX records, Authority NS, SOA, PTR and much more;

  • Route – provides the ability to detect the interface and gateway which will be used in IP datagram processing. Administrators can also modify and delete routes;

  • ARP – monitors the address resolution protocol cache (ARP) and provides the ability to edit and enter ARP entries, including restoration of MAC addresses or to hide them;

  • Whois – retrieve full domain or IP address information without the need for a third party application or registrar service;

  • HTTP Checker – tests whether a URL can be reached across the Internet including web host server information; and

  • Statistics and Reporting – monitoring cannot be completely achieved without recourse to full logs and network performance information which can be readily assimilated and digested by administrators.

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