Detailed Review Of NetStat Agent Toolkit


IPConfig is essential for displaying information on network component settings and status, including all adapters and configurations. NetStat Agent provides you with the full IPConfig power to renew DHCP management and control over configuration, including the ability to release and delete IP address configuration and is especially useful for configuring machines relying on automatic IP address allocation.


Analyzing TCP/IP issues is easy with Ping. Ping lets you test remote hosts over an IP network as well as network configurations on individual machines. Ping acts like radar, sending an ICMP request and waiting for the response which provides information on round-trip time and the precise location of the remote machine.


TraceRoute plots the actual path between machines which is taken across the network. NetStat Agent is unique in that it also provides response times and highlights traffic hops which suffer from issues. It is possible to run traceroute in the pathping mode.


DNS Query

DNS Query is also known as NSLookup, and within NetStat Agent you can access full server information including IP address, mail exchange (MX), domain name records without performing a separate Whois, authority name server (NS), domain name pointer (PTR) and start of zone authority (SOA) and much more.

DNS Query


Let’s you detect what interface and gateway will be utilized in an IP datagram by displaying an IP routing table for your machine. Now you can manage the route your traffic takes including modifying or blocking prescribed routes.


NetStat Agent provides an integrated Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) which lets you add or delete ARP entries. A neat feature is that you can restore MAC addresses remotely as well as select and hide specific addresses. A full ARP log is also maintained.


NetStat Agent provides a full Whois lookup feature which means you don’t have to use any third party registrar tools or resources. Now you can access all domain and IP information from within your network management console.

HTTP Checker

HTTP Checker provides the ability to check whether a URL can be reached in the Cloud. NetStat Agent provides a full report on whether the URL is live and the server status code. In addition, you can also access server information including IP address, country where located, server uptime data and date/time entry for last response from the target server.

Monitoring and Reporting

Full monitoring and reporting tools are included, allowing network administrators to manage all received and transmitted TCP data packets, the maximum number of connections, full IP datagram data, default IP time-to-live value and the number of ICMP messages sent and received.

NetStat Agent is the ultimate windows network management tool!

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